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Day 6 – A days holiday in a holiday in retirement and 25,254 days old

Perfect cycling road
Perfect cycling road

Due to the vagaries of the monopoly supplier of ferries to Jersey, Condor Ferries, there was no ferry to St Malo today 🙁 So an official holiday was declared by me.

With the unexpected day here I decided to revisit the North coast, this time dropping down into the coves and also practising the Boulay bay hill climb unfortunately I had a laden saddle bag etc so the heart rate went out through the roof on the 24% gradient:stretch -(   It still brought back many fond memories of the Bolsover hill climb, which was 33%, that I used to do as a kid.

Amazing views on the North coast
Amazing views on the North coast

Jersey with it’s so called “Green Lanes” is a bit of a cycling paradise. Quiet, well surfaced roads are ideal plus you can choose to do some pretty good hill climbing short and sharp! A lovely prevalence of reasonable cafes means you are never far from a cuppa or cake.

It’s easily accessible by bike from England (Condor Ferries willing) using Portsmouth, bikes are carried free and compared to flying totally hassle free. So I’m sure I will be back for a long weekend with Sally 🙂

After the ride I took a 10 minute dip in The Sea Lido, apparently the oldest in the UK even more astonishing is that at high water the pool is 40feet under water 🙂 as usual I was perished when I got out and after chatting to the oldie regulars :-), fortunately The Runnymede Hotel , where I’m staying, is literally 100 yards up the road so a hot shower did the usual thawing out trick.

All in all a very relaxing day for me, at this rate will I make it to Ibiza? even more does it matter 🙂

The Strava says I cycled 16 miles and 1132 ft of climbing. Meanwhile my son, Nick RAN nearly 41 miles and over 5,500 feet of climbing 🙂 shurely shome mishtake….

The pictures will be found here at some point.

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