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Port Dickson to Malacca on Geoff’s SE Asia tour

I’ve been looking forward to visiting Malacca as it has a fascinating history and lots of good reviews from other travellers.

1-IMG_1560We left at 7.20 at the crack of dawn not because of the distance but just to get biking in the cool. The traffic on the road soon thinned out and became quite pleasant, following the Google bike layer we headed on a real country road to a small fishing village ,all very pleasant with lots of cheery waves and no traffic. In fact at one place we even had a free drink with a family at their beach bungalow with tremendous ocean views if you looked right, looking left you saw all the offshore gas & oil platforms 🙁

Port_Dickson_to_Malacca___Strava_RideAt Kem Terendak, Google maps screwed up big time by trying to take us through a military base, the soldiers with the rifles were less than impressed! making us do a circuit back onto Highway 5 and round their base. How do you tell Gmaps about this mistake? I easily edited Open Street Map using the Go Map! app (whilst a Burmese waiter was giving his story about escaping  from the Muslim/Buddhist conflict their.

1-IMG_1564Malacca was every bit of good as folks suggested, it has a real nice arty vibe with a more mature type of person so all very civilised.  Cafe 1511 is a very grand stylish place to stay although the loo & shower are a floor below and the staircase up to my room would fail any UK building inspection, being very steep & narrow with no balustrade

So another short 50 miler but given the heat more than enough! The Strava is here



The photos are here.

Selena’s write up of the day is here

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