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Ko Lanta to Ko Lipe on Geoff’s SE Asia tour

Bike aboard the first boat of the day!Yesterday I let the ferries take me south rather than the bike, although the sailors kept indicating I should be biking across the water!

The bike went on the ferries OK although i had to pay an additional 300 baht on top of the 1500 baht for me (about £36 in total)  for a 6 hour journey by quite fast boats.

1-IMG_1298A bit of an anxious moment at the end transferring it into a crowded long boat, especially disembarking when a guy lost his balance & fell on the rear wheel! but it seems OK.


On Lepi I was fascinated by the name Sunset beach so I pedalled over the island & found The Porn Resort (not porn in the Western sense I hasten to add)  with its delightful beach shacks at 1000 baht a night and with the most magnificent sunset 🙂


Here is the map on Everytrail:

Ko_Lanta_to_Ko_Lipe_-_Boating_trip___EveryTrailand the pictures are here 



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