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First Great Walk

Tomorrow I try my first New Zealand Great Walk it’s the Tongariro Northern Circuit and goes around two active volcanoes Mt Tongariro and Mt Ngauruhoe. What makes it different for me is that I have to take all my food & possible water for two nights & three days. I’ve booked both the Oturere Hut and Walhohonu hut and taxi service to take me to Mangatepopo and collect me from the Whakapapa Village Centre

The weather forecast is looking OKish although there are certainly high winds. I don’t intend on going to the summit’s so hopefully should be OK.

I’ve downloaded the relevant New Zealand Topo50 maps into the Viewranger app and will be taking a spare battery.

Should be interesting – now to pack my bag 🙂


Reader Comments

  1. Have a fab walk it sounds great 🙂 but please take care ! ViewRanger is so good, think i will have to invest in a battery pack so i can explore further 🙂

  2. Hey Geoff, have a great time in NZ.
    Oh and I’ve finally succumb to Foursquare. Let’s see how long I keep with it.

    Mike from Luggage Transfers not Baggage Transfers

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