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25088 Chobe River Excursion

Today was a rest day in Kasang catching up on my posts and getting my images online whilst my Botswana SIM card still works.

A Yawn or get out of my way?
A Yawn or get out of my way?

The Old House b&b has a frontage onto The Chobe River just before it merges with The Zambezi. They offer a 3 hour river trip heading along the Chobe National Park. Obviously I took it.

To my amazement it was just me and the driver/guide Albert , certainly not in KG’s class for either driving or guiding skills but we got by..

First animals were a huge troop of monkeys swinging in the trees, rapidly followed by bathing elephants, families of hippos, water ox, crocodiles and a huge herd of antelopes prancing around like ballerinas. Plus numerous birds.

All very interesting although somewhat marred by the poor light diue to rain clouds forming so that I couldn’t get a fast exposure time. Plus the zoom lens has now decided it won’t autofocus on maximum zoom any more.

The scariest thing is to see just how huge hippos are and how cavernous they can make their mouths..

Tomorrow I’m on my bike again to do the 80km or so to Victoria Falls passing through the Kazungula Border the only point on the planet where 4 countries meet 🙂

Todays fuxzzy pictures are here

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