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Day 18 Biganos to the French Leon. Lifeday 25,267

The Delta Hotel had a great buffet breakfast which I probably pigged out on 🙁 Just not used to having a choice.

Strava had decided to take me along roads rather than the more circuitous Atlantic cycleway. So not as pleasant riding with all the juggernauts, I worked out why I lost some of my average speed yesterday.The problem with taking the etrex on walkabout especially in supermarkets is that it still thinks I’m cycling 🙁 So today I stopped at a bricolage to get some cable ties to mount the Etrex onto the bike frame 🙂

Mimizan was a bit of an eye opener. I’ve never seen so many restaurants in such a small town. I guess in the summer this whole coast line is heaving given the number of camping sites & holiday places. I ended up at the Post cafe as most places were full. I think the omelette I chose really slowed me down in the afternoon as my poor stomach was digesting it.

Once again the head wind appeared so by the time I reached Leon I decided to call it a day, especially since was only showing campsites or hideously expensive places. The Hotel du Lac de Leon doesn’t demean itself by using, just resorting to a small roadside sign 🙂 Needless to say I think I’m the only guest tonight!

Strava says I did 67.7 miles and 745 feet of climbing.

The pictures will eventually end up on dropbox, but the internet is as dated as the place.

The Fitbit Blaze had a bad day only recording 108mins of heart rate 🙁

Heart rate for a bit of the day
Heart rate for a bit of the day

Will update the post once I get on the internet!!

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    1. Yep I’ve been practising increasing my average speed by super quick starts and fast stops 🙂 but then the tiredness creeps in..

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