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Day 5 Something has to go!

Something has to go on this mega bike trip. It’s either or:-

  • The Panniers
  • The Viewranger app
  • or me
To think the Tour de France rode on these!

Today, Fresnes Les Montauban – Le Cateau-Cambresi was really tough even though it was a fine day weather wise, my carefully planned Viewranger route was rubbish, no way of telling if the ‘road’ is a track, what the distance is, what the village name is etc etc. I ended up with the artics again plus riding through endless  cafe less villages but all well endowed with Aldi & Lidl’s 🙁

I have ended up at Le Cateau-Cambresi birthplace of Matisse, although what he would make of mega combines & tractors, I’m not sure. The hotel & restaurant Des Digues is superb and with a bottle of Brouilly inside me the world seems somewhat cheerier.

I have now created a route to Rheims using the Gaia app it tells me it is 78 miles so I will be very lucky to make it. The user interface is much better and more natural than Viewranger, so it will be interesting.

Todays 43.3 miles ride is on Strava here:



The pics are here

As for the panniers – they are catching the first boat home 🙂


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  1. Just remember the main point of this trip is to ride down the Danube bike trail which is made and designed for bikes…. how you get to Les Gets is an extra but at Rheims there should be a train 🙂

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