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Banting to Port Dickson on Geoff’s SE Asia tour

Today started of on a trip skirting Kuala Lumpur airport and the FI track at Sepang, where in fact a meeting was on so the roads were quite busy. There was a shortage of places to eat so I ended up getting breakfast 25 miles into the day at Pekan Sapang.

I decided to try a short cut to Port Dickson which involved getting a ferry to cross the Sungai Lukul Besar Unfortunately the tide was out so to get the bike onto the boat & off was a huge struggle, especially crossing the mud flat! The resorceful ferryman went back to collect two planks. All in all it would have been a lot quicker to bike upto the bridge and back down the other side.

My new Lightning iPhone connector broke today so that is two down on this trip and probably about 5 in total. The connector is a totally rubbish design and if anything makes me change to Android it will be that dumb connector. I managed to get another one for £2 which as yet doesn’t seem to get the ridiculous error message.

Port Dickson proved a struggle to get an hotel as they have all ramped their prices for the school holidays plus they all along a busy road spread over several miles. Total nightmare when on the bike. Eventually the Sozzi Hotel gave me a room for 120 ringgits a night (£24) but only wifi in the lobby.

Here is the Strava with a low average speed due to the ferry and trying to find an hotel room A few pics are here

Banting_to_Port_Dickson___Strava_RideHere is Sabine’s take on the day


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  1. Are all of your iPhone connectors breaking in the same way? What’s happening to them? (Especially interested being on the cusp of setting out on a long walk and with Mick now with an iPhone 5.)

    1. Make sure you take a spare & check it before you go!! They all break at the Lightening end..

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