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I thought it was going to be flat – Day3

When I plotted the route from Cambridge to Les Gets it all looked very flat apart from the bit around Geneva. I now realise that’s an optical illusion 🙁

Today I cycled from Calais to Hesdin and am now totally knackered since it involved a cumulative climb of over 1100 metres 🙁  over a distance of 50+ miles. I will obviosly have to plan my route more carefully and avoid areas  that have suspicious names like Les 7 Vallees 🙁

Sally will be pleased to know my legs are now aching…..

Heres today on Everytrail:-

Calais to Hesdin (Day 3)

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Lets see how I get on tomorrow!

Reader Comments

  1. what about looking for the rail route as that won't go up big hills – might be further but will be a lot quicker and also the chance to cheat a bit if necessary You seem to be making good time though.

  2. please look after yourself and don't over do it you have plenty of time …… that's a good idea from jenny about the rail route 🙂 sending hugs x x x

  3. I have plotted th route from where you are now to Les Gets on Google maps walking and that will take 6 days and appears to give good directions not quite sure of the contours though but they are shown on the map if you can see them. Hope you can find internet access on the way as it all seems pretty rural. Have good day and hope the weather keeps calm and dry.

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