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Day 9 South West Coast Path – Crackington Haven to Trebarwith Strand (Treknow)

Day 9 South West Coast Path – Crackington Haven to Trebarwith Strand (Treknow)

149 miles walked 481 miles to go (Average 16.5 miles a day)

A thank you to Keith and his 14 year od son for his email about the walk 🙂

A fine walking day today a bit breezy with a cold wind, so ideal walking weather. I must have met at least 20 day walkers, still yet to meet any one who is walking even for a week.

I left the Coombe Martin Inn at 9.30ish after a reasonable breakfast and a great nights sleep. Certainly a place to revisit with tripod etc to capture those sunsets over the sea.

Rocky Valley
Rocky Valley

Great walk over High Cliff, nowhere near as bad as the Guide makes out and along to the The Harbour Light Tea Rooms for scones &  tea. The tea rooms now fully restored after the disastrous flood in 2004 then onwards to Tintagel where the footpath became quite busy for the first mile. With the Rocky Valley as an highlight. Finally arriving in Tintagel and the thronging masses. I quickly escaped and continued onto Trebarwith Strand to be met with the shock of a lifetime. The Port William PH was wanting £90 a night for b&b quickly reduced to £80 for a singleton, I quickly showed him my heels. Walking up the hill I checked out The Mill Houses Inn, a similar story after much pressure he came down to £69 so up the hill again, all the b&bs were closed. I rounded the corner to find the Atlantic View Hotel, entering the building was like stepping back to the real England we oldies cherish  🙂 in fact I must confess it reminded me of Fawlty Towers, However, Rosemary & John are the epitome of professionalism, they only did full board but for a very reasonable price of £68 a night. Including a 5 course dinner (totally amazing food too) + cheese,s. All I can say is WOW  See the header for my dinner 🙂

The days stats are here as usual the pictures are Google+ here and the Everytrail is here (no pics yet again).
South West Coast Path – Crackington Haven to Trebarwithstrand (Treknow) at EveryTrail

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  1. hi Geff love the blog, im starting on the 9th May so should catch you up at some stage. please supply info on local beer as i intended to be
    the first person to walk the swcp pissed! i dont expect a drink from you as you seem a tight fisted old git! good luck Eugene

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