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One of the reasons I enjoy travelling so much are the fascinating people you meet. in unexpected situations.

Yesterday when getting on the bus to Marocos I bumped into Ann & John, we instantly struck up a rapport, (they were confused as they had been told to use Bus 1 whereas we were on Bus 208 that was on Bus Stand 1 🙂 )

They were taking a day out from their cruise trip, A Boddington’s special cruise in their words! Ann was trying to find a beach John , I suspect, was more after a walk!

What fascinated me is that they had left England 20+ years ago to live in Switzerland with John’s job as an industrial chemist. This, immediately bought back memories of my time doing bucket chemistry in the labs at Renishaw Iron Company and at the same time made me reflect on the job offer I turned down 34 years ago  to work at ILL in Grenoble, France when Nick was 1.

They alighted at Santa Cruz whilst I continued to Marocos to walk the Levada do Canical to the Canical tunnel. A lovely walk where, for the first time, I met several walking parties who would definitely be in the Cambridge Rambling Club B group. Near the end I saw the sign to Boca do Risco (its rated a black walk  in the Rother walking guide to Madeira) so I thought why not! The climb up to the Boca (Col) was excellent. I started to get nervy as I rounded the bend and saw the crashing  Atlantic waves over a thousand feet below me. I continued on but at a land slip my head finally stopped my feet from continuing! After my near drowning in the Trisoli River in Nepal I’ve become far more cautious. Looking back at the narrow path cut into the vertical rock face I was not disappointed at my decision….

In the evening whilst having my after dinner coffee in Cafe do Teatro who should come in for their after dinner drinks,  before their cruise sailed at 11pm, but John & Ann. Ann was adamant that Madeira wasn’t for her as no decent beaches!  So I guess you will find her on Gran Canaria. John it turned out had recently walked and thoroughly enjoyed the  Camino de Frances from SJPP to Muxia, just like I did in 2004 the year I retired! He had found it every bit as emotional as I had, (At the end I was in tears on the bus from Muxia to Santiago and would gladly have turned around and walked it again).

All in all a very interesting day and so good to meet up with a very interesting couple, maybe we will meet again in July when Sally & I go with Paul and Sarah to Les Gets, I’m quite sure we will be visiting the thermal spa in Ovronnaz so we could all meet up there!.


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  1. oh now that’s an idea we could do the Camino to celebrate my 50th….. mind you i think my heart is set on Nepal … Mind you I know i would be happy walking anywhere 🙂

    I love meeting new people too.. I love to have someone to chat too especially when you have things in common.

    I am so glad you followed your head and not your legs !!

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