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A village where everyone knows Jim!

A village where everyone knows Jim!

On Saturday , Sally and I went to visit her parents in Isham. We managed to get her Dad out for a walk around the village and to take a peek at the local exhibition, to see the two headed lamb and various other curio’s in the ancient village hall.

What is amazing is that where her Dad currently lives  is literally a stones throw from where he was born and went to school so you can imagine a walk involves literally everybody saying hello 🙂 most of whom remembered Sally too!

I put the walk on Everytrail so you can see the ancient threshing machine (similar to the one I used at 14) plus Jim’s magnificent runner beans that will hopefully, find there way into our tummies this weekend.

Jim also gave us a trout he caught, later  in the evening this was expertly bbq’d by Anthony around at Kay’s where we stayed the night. A great day out 🙂

I couldn’t resist using the old sign board for this post’s featured image!

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