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Basel to Ottenheim-Schwanau

Basel to Ottenheim-Schwanau

My first day without having to engage the lowest set of gears 🙂 Pretty well flat and alongside the river most of the day. The first part was wandering through the container port and industrial area of Basel. Then I entered Germany which was rural apart from the huge aggregate workings. Stopped for a supermarket lunch in Breisach, noted in modern history for where the first meetings of what became the EU in 1950!

After lunch I had to turn away from the river and ended up in Rust which has an enormous Disney / Alton Tower type theme park. I then made a total hash of getting back onto the river – best not to look to closely at the gpx trail 🙁 The German waymarking is not a patch on the Switz!

After 79.8 miles and over 7 hours of cycling with an average spped of  11mph, I ended up in Ottenheim at the delightful Hotel Gasthof Erbprinzen above Toni’s pizzeria ( 21 Euro for two beers, water, salad, pizza, ice cream & coffee). I asked the landlady if she had internet – she presented me with a shoebox!!

Here’s the route and pics.
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  1. WELL DONE geoff your doing well,the mind boggles ,,,about the shoe box ,was there anything in it ??? JIM

  2. All looks great Geoff.. I love Basel , went last year and I love the Rhin.. and Germany. Looking forward to your next post:-)

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