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Ellikon to Basel Day 4 of The Rhine bike ride

>Today’s 73miles in 7hours brings me to the end of the first Rhein Radweg book, only another two to go! From now on the Rhine runs pretty well due North rather than going in the mega loop I’ve just done plus the terrain is a lot flatter, I hope! especially after todays climb into Teufen.

Another hot day only partly alleviated by a little swim in The Rhine and copious, but expensive cold sparkling waters! The water mark up is horrendous less than 1F in the supermarket anything up to 8F in a cafe ๐Ÿ™

Tomorrow I’m going to use the right bank rather than the left I’ve been using the last day or so (The handedness is taken looking downstream) as it seems to keep the waters edge better.

I’ve been eyeing up the ginormous barges which have now appeared in the river – maybe I will take a rest day on one ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

The bike is holding up well although it took an almighty bang when I failed to notice thatย  the bridge had a step getting onto it! plus the saddle is now loose due to the vibration of all the off road riding I’ve been doing.

We are getting heavy thundery showers right now so hopefully tomorrow will be cooler. I’m going to celebrate by staying for the 7am breakfast rather than setting of at 6am

Here’s today trail:-
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  1. well done at keeping your energy levels and morale up on this trip.I'm just back home early this morning and have finished my account of things. Its at if you have some time to kill and a hotel with wifi. Michael

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