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Getting around Cristobal

After 12 hours here in The Galapagos I decided to extend my stay for another week!

A quick bike ride to the airport,then about 12 steps from parking the bike to the AeroGal office followed by about 10 clicks on her computer and the job was done, no charge, no fuss. Airports and booking as it should be 🙂

I then decided to cycle up the extinct volcano to see the El Junco crater lake, after  a few hundred yards a local taxi driver in his Toyota pick up suggested a lift up the 1000ft ascent for $10, since it was in the thirties I thought it was a grand idea (sorry Andrew you are 19 and I’m 62!). A lovely walk around the lake watching the birds washing the salt of their wings then back to the bike and the mainly descent to the La Galapguera de Cello Colorado Tortoise breeding station and then onto the white sand and beach at Puerto Chino.

On the way back the taxi carrying my 2 new American friends, who I met on the beach, stopped to give me a quick lift up the worst incline, I learned from him that you can rent an apartment for $150 a MONTH here, interestingly his girlfriend hs just arrived after his 3 months away 🙂

The trip with pics is here.

San Cristobal, Galapagos cycle/walk/taxi

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Tomorrow I’m boating over to Isabela via Santa Cruz for $55 a 4 hour ride. co

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  1. It sounds such an interesting place, you are going to have fabulous stories and photos 🙂

    I watched a programme about it a few years ago, One thing I didn't realize is that people lived there, well not to the extent you are saying, I didn't realize they had taxis there.

    Very interesting about American and his girlfriend…. not long til Sally travels over!!!!

  2. oohh i do so enjoy reading these posts about the Galapagos…… its better than reading a book 🙂 as anne says it sounds a very interesting place and its not long till i come over either ,38 days to be precise:-)

    Hope the boat trip is a smooth one and i look forward to hearing and reading about it soon x

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