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First day

22 miles done 😉

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we made it London in grand style! Only a couplle of small hiccups.first one was having to walk through mud AAddenbrookes hospital as the cycleway wsn’t quite finished 🙁

Then I fell off a couple of times when I forgot my right foot was still clipped in 🙁

The day was longer than planned because we decided to cycle on the canal towpaths in London – not a good idea on a sunny day in Camden!

Plus a couple of miles in wriong direction near Holland Park.

Statistics for day are 72.4miles in 7hr 19min plus2hr 21min stopped time. So quite acceptable for first day.

Day1 Cambridge to London

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Tomorrow I have to go via Kings Cross to drop Sally off nd then I’m on my own..

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  1. WELLdone for the first day. REMEMBER THOSE CLIPS ON YOUR FEET .[i never did like them]. AGAIN well done geoff . jim

  2. it was great to get to share the first day of your bike ride with you …I loved every second 🙂 enjoy the rest of the ride I will be thinking of you every mile you do 🙂

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