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South West Coast Path 608 miles to go.

South West Coast Path 608 miles to go.

Geoff at start of South West Coast trailI had a corker of a day! I did the first two days of the South West Coast Path walk in one day including the additional strenuous bit. The  GPS gave the distance travelled as 22 miles. with a vertical ascent of over 6000 feet.

Started the day with a great breakfast at The Quay Inn of a kipper and two poached eggs 🙂 I spoke to another guy who was starting the walk today but he was slackpacking and only going the first 9 miles before his suitcase caught up with him.

With it being a fine, cold day and arriving at Porlock at 1 pm I decided to carry on and get to Lynmouth. It got pretty tiring towards the end as the hills are relatively short but much steeper than in The Pyrenees.

The biggest problem is the diabolical mobile phone coverage, the poor iPhone has been ¨searching¨all day 🙁 with very intermittent connections. In Lynmouth, my hotel The Bath Hotel (an apt name as my room has no shower but a huge long bath) has yet to hear about this internet thing. So I’m ensconced in The Rock House Hotel drinking Guinness and eating fish & chips to try and replace the 4500 calories that Fitbit things I’ve burnt walking the 49,000 steps and climbing up 441 floors).

The pics on Google+ can be found here

Here is my Everytrail of the day (Hopefully the pics will get there before the battery runs out).
Minehead to Lynmouth – South West Coast Path at EveryTrail


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  1. Only 308 miles to go… that must be impossible even for you , as it means you have walked 300 miles today lol

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