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A day in the Cambridge snow

A day in the Cambridge snow

four inch of snow on tableAfter last night’s epic (by Cambridge standards) 4″ of snow. The Cambridge Rambling Club A group walk around Histon was cancelled so Sally & I met up with Jill at the usual starting place in Harvey Road and concocted our own walk up to Coton (where we bumped into the B group) then across to Grantchester for a scone and cuppa at The Orchard with a ramble back along the river to Cambridge.

A very pretty walk in the snow, although my legs found it quite tiring like walking along the beach. The most surprising part was that the Coton Footpath had been largely cleared of snow so was easy walking.

My Fitbit said I covered 15.4 miles burning 2700 calories the Etrex GPS made it 14.7 miles (3mph) so pretty close. I took quite a few pictures and also made a Everytrail of the walk here.

Snowman with can on a wall
Snowman on a wall

It was interesting to see the different types of snowmen that students had been making especially the latest trend of creating them sat down on park benches etc My favourite was this one on Elizabeth Way.

The day ended with one of Sally’s wonderfully relaxing hot stone massage 🙂 I tried to use my Zeo sleep measuring device to see how deep a sleep I go into, but it insisted I needed to plug the iPhone in 🙁 and lets face it when you are so relaxed can you be bothered….

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  1. so cool to get out for a 15 mile walk in the snow… most people would just curl up in front of the fire but not us ,then a lovely warming curry for dinner too

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