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Maximiliansau to Oppenheim

Maximiliansau to Oppenheim

The Vater Hotel managed to screw up the internet connection on my Eee, by making the default gateway on the Eee their own server 🙁  so after staying there I was unable to access the internet! coupled with T-mobile not allowing me to use their Euro Internet Booster package on my iPhone which is on their fixed contract (I know its crazy the booster works fine on Pay as you go). This with the lack of open WiFi throughout Germany, meant I couldn’t sort out the Eee until I had a working internet connection on another machine. Once home I found the solution on this post on the eHow website!

Today once I got going was a long one at 91.9miles but quite fast at 11.2mph on good tarmacced paths. I found it interesting biking alongside the Mercedes plants, BASF and other large chemical works. The Technical museum in Speyer looked pretty amazing as well! At Mannheim they were building an enormous new coal fired power station so I guess the Rhine will be full of coal barges for some time yet (I spent a bit of time thinking about the sense of transporting coal rather than electricity and which incurred the biggest energy losses per mile). The signage was much improved, although it was hard getting through Ludwigshafan due to the various detours.

My nights stop at The Hotel  Oppenheim was truly excellent. The owner plied me with free beer on my arrival! and the omelet with chips was only 6euro 🙂 plus there is an ice cream parlour just down the road!

Here’s the day on Everytrail:-
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