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My top Twitter Friends

This tweet :-
BigTweet This has got to be one of the cooler Twitter tools – “Top Twitter Friends” Who is connected to who …

Drew this social network chart of my Twitter folks:-

It also thinks I should be following:-

1. relucs via athinkingman cloudgazer sallyinnorfolk
2. suw via stephtara euan dahowlett anniemole
3. robpatrob via johnniemoore euan
4. monkchips via dahowlett gapingvoid
5. 1938media via gapingvoid dahowlett
6. jobsworth via gapingvoid dahowlett
7. robertshippey via athinkingman cloudgazer
8. stoweboyd via stephtara gapingvoid
9. whatleydude via anniemole davidcarrington
10. lloyddavis via johnniemoore euan
11. billt via mdales euan

Pretty cool, especially the recommendations, they are all people I’ve met or heard off!….

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