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Postcard index for my South West Coast Path Walk

Last night the Jones design team did a great graphic design of my walk complete with interesting facts. The design is currently been made into a physical postcard by VistaPrint.

I intend sending a copy to every b&b I stayed at, as a lot of the owners expressed an interest in knowing whether I finished I not 🙂 and virtually none of them are web natives. (If you would like a FREE copy of the postcard please email me or fill in the form below).

Using ThingLink I made the postcard into a clickable index of the stages:-

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Reader Comments

  1. That is fantastic, well done. You certainly look slimmer. Your postcard looks stunning. How many blisters did you get?

  2. Great blog on your walk.

    Could I ask, how did you manage to get such good value accommodation. Did you just play it by ear or did you have a plan?

    My wife and I want to do the walk starting in September, although we will walk a lot slower than you!!

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