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South Cambridge village walk

Todays walk in splendid conditions, the first hot weather of the year 🙂 was a good stretch. Totalling about 21 miles with one pint of shandy (Queens Head, Newton) and tea and cakes at The Orchard in Grantchester. Followed by a very quick dip in the river at NRC, I did our first mash using my ultra lightweight stove and kettle both by MSR whilst having our drink I also managed to get a good picture of a female sparrowhawk

I’ve put the walk up at Wikiloc and all todays photographs are on Flickr.

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  1. Erm, I have to say not only can you walk but you can twitter too, impressive, that you do all that in one day, watch out the Cambridge Evening News, here’s a one man show who can do it all without you. A true newsgatherer and adventurer.

  2. Great walk and you could have had tea at Stukeley Close but the scones are not so good. Mind you, you could have cooked your own. I will have to extend my walk on the next dry day!

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