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Porthallow to Falmouth on The South West Coast Path

Porthallow to Falmouth on The South West Coast Path

Today I awoke to a gorgeous sunrise at Halwyn it was an early start for me. In fact I was on the beach at 7.30,  I needed to catch the low tide so I could use the stepping stones over Gillan Creek.

Geoff at Midway start pointThe starting point today is the midpoint on the trail so exactly 3 weeks after setting off from Minehead I’m now half way, will be interesting to see what the weather gods can throw my way in the next 3 weeks after the gales, sleet & heavy rain.

It was a beautiful walk today in idea conditions, I had trouble finding the stepping stones, not because of the tide, but because of the swollen state of the river! each stone was at least 6 inches under water, with the seaweed on the top of each stone it became a delicate operation 🙂Stepping stones

The next river crossing at the Helford passage was by ferry boat and at £4 for one way must rank it in the most expensive ferries per minute in the world.(It takes about 3 minutes).

The paths are still very muddy in places but the lush undergrowth of bluebells, wild garlic and numerous other flowers and bird song make this a very pleasurable walk.

Best Western cremationI arrived in Falmouth to see the cremated remains of the Best Western hotel  at 13.40 leaving loads of time to explore Falmouth in bright sunshine. i treated myself to a haircut not bad for a fiver but obviously Sally’s are much better 🙂

The Falmouth Lodge Backpackers at £25 is not bad value but I will be glad to be in a b&b again tomorrow if Mike can fix it up.

Biggest disappointment of the day was Rick Stein’s fish & chip shop, dreadful value at £11.60 greasy fish and almost soggy chips what is even worse is they use beef fat ughhh

Oh!  Terry & Hilary it was good to meet you in your Rohan kit 🙂 Hope you had a good walk.

Pics of today are here stats are here and Everytrail below.

South West Coast Path – Porthallow to Falmouth at EveryTrail

Reader Comments

  1. Glad to hear that you prefer my Hair cuts and funnily enough when you skyped I did wonder who had cut your hair 🙂
    Amazed you even ate that fish and chips even I would not want fish or chips that had been cooked in beef dripping . Hoping you have another great day tomorrow x

  2. Hi Geoff,

    This is fascinating to read your day-to-day comments about the SWCP. Please keep posting them!


  3. Hi Geoff
    Came across Your Blog by accident as we’re also walking the South West Coast Path. Are due to finish it next week in Dorset after 10 years. Could you tell me what equipment you use to take your photos and to update the internet, I am impressed with the quality of both.

    1. Thank you for the comment.
      I will do a post about how I do it. The basics are that I have a Canon 550D with18-135mm zoom. I upload pics each night to my 11″ Mac Air, geotag them using my Garmin etrex GPS, then post them to the internet over WiFi or using my iPhone as a modem over the 3G network.

      Hope that helps, not sure when I will finish but hopefully in 2-3 weeks.
      Congratulations on walking it.

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