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Harwich to Cambridge

Harwich to Cambridge

Before leaving home I had carefully plotted and loaded into my GPS a Harwich to Cambridge route on Bikely, avoiding all towns and main roads.

It proved an excellent route, although one part was down a track, but I was used to that by now!

What a pleasure to have fellow cyclists, passers by etc to smile, wave even say hello! It certainly brightens up your day to have a cheery smile rather than the ‘expressions’ you get in Germany & Switzerland which give you the uneasy feeling that they would mow you down rather than recognize your existence! I think life over there is VERY serious! I cannot say that I felt the same way when cycling in France last year. Although it has to be said the futility of marking cycle lanes on the roads which disappear when you actually need one is extremely frustrating for all road users.

This is a very pretty route if quite hilly, taking me past many of the places I have walked with Sally on the Cambridge Rambling Club walks. In fact I had a lunch break in one of the pubs we have used on our walks!

The ride was 67.6 miles which I cycled in 6hr 3min

Total ridden miles since leaving Les Gets was 1072.69 🙂 No punctures or breakdowns just one painful cracked rib!

Heres my Everytrail off the trip :-

Harwich to Cambridge at EveryTrail

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  1. I have been following your trip, which I have found brilliant. I did wonder how your last leg went in the Uk and amazed that it went better than you thought. And totally amazed that you saw friendly faces etc etc and not in Germany / Switzerland. Pleased it all went well, sorry about your broken rib 🙁

  2. well done – if I haven't said so by now. Its interesting to compare your mileage and your route with mine. I rode about 1900 miles from Santander so only 800 more than you which seems suprising. My average speed for the whole trip was 36.4 mph – suprisingly slow. M

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