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I made it to Les Gets on my bike!

On the Tenth day I made it to Les Gets by 4pm. Two Cols climbed with  a total ascent of over 6000 feet (two Ben Nevis’s nearly) and a distance of 70 miles. Not bad at all, the total journey came in at 779miles.

The weather stayed fine so I managed to stay warm the N5 was not to busy so not as scary as I thought and the mega descent to Lake Geneva was great as the route is not used by trucks.

Now to work out how to get home! Here is todays trip:-

Day10 – Morez to LesGets

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  1. Hi Geoff…well I think you have done a fantastic bike ride, , anything else on your mind to try out!! Just wondering how you came up with the idea ..ha ha , “oh shall I cycle to Les Gets, oh yeah why not” !!! Lets give it a go, even though I haven't cycled for years….well done!

    Very pleased the weather stayed better for you too!!

  2. what about cycling to the main rail line and coming on Eurotunnel or have you seen enough of the bike for another ten years.

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