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Day9 Dole to Morez

A day in the Haut Jura. Dominated by the torrential rain and my freezing feet. They became blocks of ice on the descent into Morez through driving rain, my only thought became on how to get into a red hot bath asap.

I stopped at 61 miles with 1947m of ascent for the day. A lot of the trip was on the N5 not as bad as it sounds, as the carriageway is quite a bit wider than the D roads still it seemed funny to be finishing at 3.30pm.

Hopefully I can make it to Les Gets tomorrow, especially if I can get some plastic bags to wrap my feet in, it’s about 65 miles but with some pretty big ascents!. It’s Cathy’s last night in the apartment, so if I’m lucky I could get some food 😉

Day9 Dole to Morez

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