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Biking to Les Gets Day -1

The big day arrives tomorrow, Sally and I bike off to London with me continuing on to my apartment in Les Gets (if I’m up to it!).

My Caradice saddlebag is all packed and Howes have fixed my Dawes bike up!  The Eee is coming with me so hopefully the photos will get put up on Picasa and  the days cycling up to Everytrail

Here’s the proposed route all 694miles of it!

Cambridge to Les Gets – Proposed

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Tomorrow night I’m staying with my friend & Pilates instructor, Daphne, in London whilst Sally returns home then its a early start to Canterbury. Hopefully, I will get a ferry early Tuesday to Calais then another 10 days and I should be there.

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  1. I feel sorrry for the bike ……BUT good luck to you geoff im sure youl do it . hope the weather is ok for the journey YOUR A BRAVE MAN …IF i had a good bike ////////.will watch out for you on the journey JIM.

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