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School work

Whilst in one of my attics, trying to sort out why the shower drain isn’t working.

I came across the ironing board that I made at school when I was 13 or 14. Since it was combined woodwork/metalwork  I had to make the bracket as well!  Interestingly my mum used it until she died, giving it well over 30 years of use!

Here’s the bracket that I so struggled with nearly 50 years ago :-

In those days we also had to make things like ashtrays and matchbox holders:-

alas, no longer polished to perfection 🙂

The Pièce de résistance however was the bookcase I made. Still in use to this day in my bedroom.

An other memory of metalwork was in our final school leavers exam, we had to make a toilet roll holder. 

I was total clueless so the invigilator helped me and in fact just about made it! – Result a distinction in metalwork and a life lesson in always asking for help and getting other folks to do what you are not good at 🙂

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