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In and out of the gutter.

Cleaning guttersWhilst walking to the bank, to pay in my Premium Bond winnings :-), I came across Andy & Dave cleaning gutters on the Cambridge Apartments building using an innovative  heavy duty vacuum cleaner, long pipe and a camera.

Pretty neat idea, especially in these health and safety times we live in, where any work on a ladder is frowned upon.

Interesting business promotion tool using word of mouth method to spread the idea – “If you ask for 10 postcards and deliver them to your neighbours. If 2 bookings are made then your gutters are cleaned for free.” Not sure how this idea works if I direct people to their, rather annoying, website!

Apparently it cost between £30 and £40 for an average house and you can call 0800 5677800 to get in touch with them.

Camera MountThe idea is pretty new as you can see from the jury rig of the camera to the pipe, so they need the business! I suggested that the guy with the pipe should be using video goggles. to make it less tiring.

It all bought back memories of my early days working with Pete Lorenz of Olympus Industrial on optical remote inspection 🙂 Except then they were wanting to look into vast chemical tanks and nuclear reactors.

Reader Comments

  1. Good evening

    My name is Scott Pagano, creator of Gutter to Gutter the consept. Thank you for the posting on your website, it is greatly appriciated. It is very early days for Gutter to Gutter and we are look to make a substantial dent in the gutter cleaning market. i believe there is a little confussion regards the free gutter clean, basically if the prespective customer finds us two new clients then they get there gutters cleaned for free. And i agree about the website, it is annoying, Sorry.

    thanks again for the intrest

    Scott Pagano

  2. Scott, many thanks for the comment good to see that you are keeping track about what is being said about your company. Your leaflet is quite clear about the free gutter clean! Its my poor punctuation in the article. How I meant it to read is, how do I get a free gutter clean from people visiting you from my website 🙂

  3. Good Afternoon Geoff

    Thank you for the question, the only way in which we can do this is, if we recieve a customer through your website we will contact you and let you know. We always ask where new customer heard of our services. So please be assured that if we do recieve any work via your website you will get your free clean.

    many thanks

    Scott Pagano

  4. We are the patent and interlectual property owners of Omni gutter cleaning and camera systems. This copy system infringes our legal entitlement.
    Contact us urgently to prevent legal action.

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