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GR10 Merens to Bouillouses

GR10 Merens to Bouillouses

Lac d'EtagnasSally and I have now completed the first two days of my resumed GR10 trek along The Pyrenees and even though I recently completed The South West Coast Path I’m finding it tough going.

Maybe its the altitude as we are spending a lot of time above 2000metres or it could be the backpack is heavier as we loaded up with food due to staying in remote refuges or maybe I’m just getting old 🙁 Hopefully, my fitness will return over the next 100 miles.

The weather has been excellent, good visibility and sunny most of the time which is in marked contrast to my previous trips 🙂

The route and photographs can be found on Everytrail, The Day numbers are taken from the Cicerone GR10 guide.:
GR10 Day39 Merens les Vals to Refuge des Besines at EveryTrail

Day 40 GR10 Refuge des Besines to Refuge des Bouillouses at EveryTrail

The pics are also on Google+ Day1 here Day2 here

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  1. YOU getting old NEVER /// its all those gadgets and food for two i suppose …keep going youl make it..

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