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iPad first post

iPad welcome screen

Experimenting with the WordPress app on my new iPad.

Beginning to love the iPad especially the HUGE Fonts available, in fact it’s rather weird going back to the iPhone! the iPad is ideal for us oldies with failing eyesight.

A problem for new entrants is that you need a computer & iTunes account to get it set up in the first place! This could be very very disappointing for folks thinking of getting one as their first and only computer.

Will I take it on my walks? Weighing in at 858gm with it’s £30 black case (yes pandammonium, Sally made me get one) compared to my Eee at 968gm is excellent! And now with the camera adapter (£25 in UK) it can backup my photos daily. However, it still has a major failing that I can’t back up my Garmin gpx files or geotag my pics. Maybe Ascent and Photolinker will do iPad apps 🙂

So yes it will be coming to the great Italian wedding with me but still undecided about China.

Oh, still can’t work out how to add links with the wordpress app 🙁

p.s. Links added on iMac