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Sunday’s walk around Pakenham

With the Cambridge Rambling Club  A team skirting the coastline of the Isle of Wight. Sally and I decided to do a jaunt with the Newmarket Ramblers. Debbie led 15 of us on a good walk around the Suffolk countryside, it was advertised as 11 but ended up at 12.3. A good pace was kept up and my heel was really pleased it was only a 5 hour stroll.

Here is the walk on Everytrail plus some pics of Pakenham Water Mill where T treated Debbie, Sally and I to a gorgeous tea and cakes in the mill.

Pakenham Circular Walk at EveryTrail

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Reader Comments

  1. Newmarket brings back memories …. used to go over there every week, when at school and stay with my friend .. in fact she still lives there!

  2. I missed my Sunday walk to visit some open gardens, and they were stunning. Newmarket Ramblers are a great group too. One thing is for sure, we will never run out of places to walk…

  3. was so nice to surprise our friends by turning up for this walk, even nicer that they were so delighted to see us 🙂 A great walk and lovely tea and carrot cake too …. 🙂

  4. Hi Geoff,

    We are two travellers who are planning to board on the Fragata this month to Galapagos. We randomly found your page through search of the boat.

    Just wondering if you got ur ticket to the boat from that website directly and whether this website is the legitimate owner. They are asking us to wire them the money but I cannot confirm their ownership really, so I am asking if you had dealt with them.

    Thank you for helping!! Great site by the way!!

    Vince at

  5. Hi Vince, Only just spotted your comment 🙁 I hope you enjoyed the trip! The website looks OK – I booked mine in cash with the Russian Alex in Santa Cruz. Regards

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