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Day5 Ham to Bourg Et Comin

A ride through Picardie in the plus thirties.
I started late as I was still trying to plot a route without to many hills. Not to successfully I might add, I have this suspicious feeling that the French canal system would get me through France on the flat! However, the few towpaths I’ve seen have varied in condition from excellent (Aisne canal) to diabolical (Quentin) so more research needed.

Plotting a route is very tricky as today I discovered one of the ‘white’ roads had detoriated into a forest track alsio White roads have steeper gradients and the villages are far to twee to have anything like a coop etc.

The opposite is true on ‘yellow’ roads you suddenly find it’s been upgraded and it’s now an artic racetrack 🙁

Today was a gruelling 53miles on White roads.

Tomorrow it’s Epernay where I might be tempted to take the afternoon off if I can find a suitable hotel. The accomodation and meals are proving to be expensive, currently burning up the best part of £100 per day! (that’s the race Steve, to get to Les Gets before the money runs out) Oh, how I miss Ecuador!!

Another cost element is that there is no open wifi here – some ridicolous French law thar makes you liable to jail if someone uses your connection for nefarious purposes – so I’m using the £3 per megabyte O2 rip off cellular rate.

Early start tomorrow to beat the sun!!

Day5 Ham to Bourg et Comin

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