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No Problem in Ely

A great day walking in the Ely area today with Sally, amazing we rattled of 16 miles without a thought 🙂

Ely Area Circular Walk – Widget powered by EveryTrail: GPS Geotagging

The highlight was meeting up with Vic & Sue from “Retirement with No Problem”.

I have been following there travels around the English waterways in their canal boat for the past 3 years or so. So it was excellent to meet them in person, what a truly wonderful couple both very sociable with Sue being the techie who handles the steering and all the blogging, keeping up with the latest radio modems etc.

All the pictures are up on my flickr and I’m sure Sally will be saying a lot more on her blog 🙂

The big talking point was the price of diesel which at Ely was £1.05 per litre for boaters for cars at Tesco it was £1.31 per litre and the farmers diesel (Rapeseed Oil) was in Tesco was £1.19 per litre. A boater we met earlier was thinking of adding a heater to the diesel fuel line so he could use neat rape seed oil!

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