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Wrestling with a Leopard

This so called upgrade to the iMac operating is causing me real problems:-

  • The brand new Lexmark X4580 printer failed to work with the 10.5 OS. Fortunately the user forums suggested removing the printers PDE directory.
  • I then discovered that Leopard doesn’t work with Firefox or at least not the drop down menus on the sites that you visit. No cure as yet 🙁
  • Tonight I discovered that Safari and WordPress connive to remove the paragraph formatting when trying to make posts from within WordPress. Now using Opera 🙂
  • The Airport utility is useless . When I try to change wireless networks it fails to see any of the other neyworks in my house.
  • I’ve yet to get it to connect to my Freecom network hard drive.
  • Time Machine trashed my external hard drive when it failed to notice that the drive was full.
  • The provided mouse scroll button has packed up after 8 weeks.

On the bright side:-

  • Yummy ftp client is brilliant.
  • MacSimpleGPS pulls in the data from my Garmin etrex legend easily.
  • The DVDto MP4 converter worked well.
  • The 24″ screen and audio are brilliant.
  • iMovie works well with Youtube.
  • Grab works well.

Or as Philip Dowsett says in The Guardian . “So what should you do if a leopard gets into your house? “Don’t run. They will chase you down like prey. Try to give them an escape route, make loud noises and wave your hands around. I wouldn’t recommend going for the scruff of its neck”

Addendum: Dave Winer is not happy as well

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  1. For a while there, I thought you were wrestling with a real leopard which is interesting. But then again I know you're having a hard time. I haven't tried the Leopard yet though so I cannot help. Just hope that technology won't melt you down and you find a solution to this.

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