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Day 3 on the South West Coast Path and 576 miles to go.

South west coast path sign

barefoot on Woolacombe beachNot sure how many more of these postsI can do!  Every day has such amazing views and gorgeous weather 🙂

Today was the shortest so far only 15 miles walked although it was a record for ice creams consumed! since Woolacombe is such a holiday honey pot. Arriving their bought back memories of Nick’s first holiday in 1975, it’s still much the same except for the HUGE numbers of surfers with their boards and rubber kit. In fact te whole Devon coast is a bit of a time warp, this was bought home after reading Cory Doctorow’s twitters about been stuck in immigration at LHR T5 [blackbirdpie url=”!/doctorow/status/190739532101070848″] which is about as far removed from walking through villages like Lee Bay as you can get.

I finally ended in Croyde desperate to find a b&b the first 5 were all full 🙁 So I ended up paying £65 for a basic b&b (with no wi-fi). the warning sign is AA recommended!  The whole village is a  a wallet busting place. I mean £4.70 for a Guinness in a PH.

I’ve managed to get a small blood blister on the side of my left heel , I attacked it with the army knife plus cut of the sides of the insole so hopefully it will be gone tomorrow.

Images can be found on Google+ here

The next few days look easier as it’s an old railway line 🙂

Here is the Everytrail and my stats are here:
South West Coast Path – Ilfracombe to Croyde at EveryTrail

Day 2 and 590 miles to go on the South West Coast Path

This was an Ian of a day (sorry Mr Corker couldn’t resist that).

South West CoastpathA totally superb walk in every way. Fantastic weather, excellent views , well kept paths and signposted plus bumping into Fiona the girl guide helped with the navigation to Great Hangman and beyond.

I’m settled into the Harcourt Hotel in the centre of Ilfracombe which fully meets my specs. of in room wifi, decent shower & a bed 🙂 for a reasonable price of £33, after my Fish, Chips & Guinness at The George & Dragon for £10.90.

Today I was unable to use Posterous to post any iPhone pics but maybe that was to do with the totally rubbish cell connections.

I’ve now created a spreadsheet of all the trip data, this will be updated daily, click here.

Pictures can be viewed can no longer be viewed on Google+ but are now on Flickr here

Unfortunately, Everytrail went out of business. However, AllTrails extricated all the data so my route and pics are now at–2


608 miles to go.

Coast path sign

Geoff at start of South West Coast trailHad a corker of a day! Did the first two days of the walk in one day including the additional  strenuous bit. The  GPS gave the distance travelled of 22 miles. with a vertical ascent of over 6000 feet.

Started the day with a great breakfast at The Quay Inn of a kipper and two poached eggs 🙂 I spoke to another guy who was starting the walk today but he was slackpacking and only going the first 9 miles before his suitcase caught up with him.

With it been a fine, cold day and arriving at Porlock at 1pm I decided to carry on and get to Lynmouth. It got pretty tiring towards the end as the hills are relatively short but a lot steeper than in The Pyrenees.

Biggest problem is the diabolical mobile phone coverage, the poor iPhone has been ¨searching¨all day 🙁 with very intermittent connections. In Lynmouth my hotel The Bath Hotel (an apt name as my room has no shower but a huge long bath) has yet to hear about this internet thing. So I’m ensconced in The Rock House Hotel drinking Guinness and eating fish & chips to try and replace the 4500 calories that Fitbit things I’ve burnt walking the 49,000 steps and climbing up 441 floors).

The pics on Google+ can be found here

Here is my Everytrail of the day (Hopefully the pics will get there before the battery runs out).
Minehead to Lynmouth – South West Coast Path at EveryTrail


630 miles to go….

Tomorrow should see me venturing of to try and walk the 630 miles (1008Km) and apparently 114931 ft (35031 m) of vertical height on the South West Coast Path. So should be interesting especially in the foul weather at the moment.

Scarpa GTX sole measurementsTo honour the occasion I’ve purchased yet another pair of Scarpa Terra GTX boots, about the 5th pair I reckon!. I’ve measured the Vibram soles (see the pic) and will take another picture upon my return!. My Fitbit is currently at 2,797,194 steps (Since 22 November 2011 if you are curious). My weight is now down to 78.2kg (12 st 4lb) so with the 10kg or so in my rucsac It will be my lightest walk yet 🙂

The biggest weight component in the rucsac is all the electronics! about 3,5kgm (7 lbs) including the EOS550D camera with zoom, 11″ Mac Air, Garmin Etrex GPS  & iPhone 4 with assorted batteries, chargers & my going away

present from Sally of these ultra smart USB leads from Apple.

No space for the tent & sleeping bag this time! Just taking a bivvy bag in case of dire emergencies.

For anyone who is interested you can follow all my internet activity for the past 4 years on Memolane 🙂