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Cameras and Qumana

Here is another post using Qumana. Its a very clean system. However the way of entering images is poor, only using using the standard Mac way – That is pretty hopeless with just the filenames and no thumbnails.

However, it does allow you to insert ads in each post, which given my low readership is, maybe, not that handy 🙁

For this post I selected the word ‘camera’ for the ad keyword.

This is my twitter from this morning:-
GeoffJones impressive demo of olympus SP560UZ by Olympus rep zoom 28 to 420 & 1cm macro about 15 hours ago

The camera was really very good, especially running from 4 AA batteries, so ideal for taking to remote areas. The amazing thing is that John Lewis were selling it for over £340 Amazon had it for £240. So the cost of the demo was over £100

Here is an ad:-

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Clone town Britain

As an aside to my previous post about mapping the world. Here is a slightly different slant:-

Home Town or Clone Town?
“The Clone Town Britain Survey II is designed to determine whether your town has be-
come a Clone Town increasingly indistinguishable from dozens of others around the
country; or whether it survives as a Home Town, distinctive and recognisable as a
unique place.
The Clone Town Britain Survey II is simple. It should take no more than 30 minutes and
can be completed while strolling along your local high street. “

The survey can be downloaded from the New Economics Foundation here the survey needs to be returned before the end of December. Their website is at

One of the things that is very noticeable when walking abroad is the immense diversity in the high street shops in mainland Europe. Whereas here in the UK every town has had its Woolies, Boots, Marks, Coop and Smiths since I was a kid in the fifties.

So the recent Tesco desertification of the UK is nothing new, In fact the protestors on Mill Road, Cambridge conveniently forget that Tesco used to have shops on Mill Road, Fine Fare (taken over by Tesco), Fitzroy Street and Regent Street back in the 1970’s.