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Biking from Hanoi to Singapore through Cambodia, Thailand & Malayasia

Kuala Selangor to Banting on Geoff’s SE Asia tour

Today was another of those days that started of poorly but turned out well:-)

After been woken by my neighbours and the totally rubbish plumbing in The Apps Hotel (I don’t think I’ve ever heard such noisy pipes). I strapped everything on the bike sat on the saddle to discover the back tyre was partially flat! Of it all came I flipped the bike over , couldn’t find any damage so pumped it up and hoped for the best. In the process discovering the front wheel was binding on the brakes due to the quick release being loose.

1-IMG_1514Of I set on a cool morning, a few miles down the road the tyre suddenly went totally flat 🙁 I wheeled it across to a tyre fitting place, closed of course on Saturdays  but they had conveniently left a big bowl of water out 🙂 so stripping the wheel, in the process discovering the axle was pretty seized up. No wonder it’s been hard going! I discovered a staple had punctured the tube, wheeling it across the road had caused the staple to make a hole on the other side:-(. I swapped it for the repaired tube & continued on my merry way finding a shop that sold a can of thin sewing machine oil, which I poured into the rear axle plus a place to get another spare tube.

1-IMG_1518Looking at the Google cycle map layer on Gaia I found some good back runs & even a pleasant track not even marked so I kept of the dreaded Highway 5 all the way into Klang. Interestingly I’m wondering if Google are using bridges as Easter Eggs, since they seem to be misplaced quite often. Certainly made for a more pleasant ride and i found a great seafood place for breakfast the folks even thought I was like 55 🙂

I made it into Banting at 56 miles and discovered the rather pleasant Hotel Garden, decent internet  (until it fell over) & shower. However, my room seems to vibrate with the lift motor 🙁 but hopefully it will stop during the night!

Rather amazingly another cyclist, Sabine, is staying in the hotel tonight she is pedalling from Bangkok to Singapore. Very interesting to compare notes  although some motor bike made her fall off leaving a nasty scrape, so her leg is covered in tape & gauze 🙁

Here is todays Strava:

to_Banting___Strava_Rideand some pictures here


SE Asia bike tour – Simpang Empat to Kuala Selangor

I’m afraid these posts are going to get a bit repetitive with regard to the heat, humidity, plantations & I strongly suspect how busy the road is. Although, today, I did manage to escape for a few miles on a side road.

1-IMG_1504I gave up today after 50 miles as I was feeling totally wrecked, I laid on the bed at The Hotel Apps and fell asleep for 3 hours. I’m drinking prodigious amounts of water, coconuts, isotonic drinks etc etc In fact I can drink a whole 1.5litre bottle without really noticing that I have! Although I think I need to start drinking a lot more earlier. The first 25 miles is usually a cinch light traffic at 7.30 a bit cooler etc after that the next 25 miles is really hard as I just run out of energy

Hotel Apps is very modern, but ill designed, the first bedroom (1303) the A/C couldn’t cope with the heat from the large window above a reflecting shiny surface, my new bedroom (1312) sounds as if you are in a waterworks if any of the adjacent occupants turn on the taps! and no internet, obviously the Telecom outfit here is part of BT as they can’t get the connection fixed. The room wasn’t cheap at  88 Ringgits

here is the Strava:

to_KualaSelangor___Strava_Rideand the pics are here


Taiping to Huang City on Geoff’s E Asia bike trip

Hotel Huang City
Hotel Huang City

Another very long & hot day. I was beginning to get worried at 70 miles that I would be able to find a hotel at all! However at 87 miles the Hotel Huang City in Hutan Melintang loomed into view, so I quickly paid my £12 and checked  in with the very giggly girl receptionists.

Lovely junk food
Lovely junk food

The main preoccupation of the day was trying to find air conditioned places & cold drinks, preferably together 🙂 7/11 stores are good but they have no seating inside so you have to eat/drink the goodies on the hot pavement. I did find one gorgeous garage that had a small table & chairs inside, in fact I could have stayed in there for hours…

The roads were infernally busy especially with old Chinese Tatra tankers & trucks  belching out black smoke.  Plus the motorcyclists weaving around. The scenery wasn’t to great, once again miles upon miles of palm oil plantations (I guess that is what was in the decrepit old tanker trucks) although at one point I skirted some mountains that looked jungly.

I’m beginning to wonder that maybe I should have stayed on the Eastern side of the country as that doesn’t seem to have any major highways, equally it probably doesn’t have A/C or Western style cold drinks, although that’s pure speculation.

The new saddle has done the trick and I no longer am getting a sore behind, so having a shiny saddle is good for your shorts to slip on, rather than the shorts sticking on the saddle & trying to slip on your bottom thus making  it sore. Probably the secret to the Brookes saddles 🙂

Strava now  reckons I’ve done 2,127 miles of pedalling & 47,643 vertical feet, which according to my reckoning only  leaves another 400 or so miles to do 🙂 in the next 11 days.

Here is todays Strava:

Taiping_to_Huang_City___Strava_RideThe pics of the day are here


Butterworth to Taiping on Geoff’s SE Asia bike tour

1-IMG_8655I left the hotel at 7.20 with the temperature at 27.5 deg C and humidity at 65%. I popped over to the 7/11 store and bought a 1.5litre of orange pulp liquid and some mystery cake for breakfast. The roads were all very busy and very wide, which is  OK in a straight line but a nightmare at junctions especially with the guys on motorbikes whizzing around. Interesting that here  it is all small motor bikes, no scooters or mopeds like in Vietnam,  also they seem in a much bigger hurry & in general obey the lights.

1-IMG_1457Near Simpang Lima  I saw an alternative route marked, the road didn’t appear on OSM but I thought I would try it. Oh dear, it added about 5 miles onto the day and took me through huge palm oil plantations, not the most interesting places. Although it also took me through Bagan Serai a fishing port with a big new bridge over the Sungai Kurau

Really struggling to find any decent cafes as they are all seem to consist of fly infested tables outside in the heat, and nothing I can recognize as veggie food 🙁  In fact it reminds me of Cambodia. Lets hope I have more luck tonight! last nights Indian was very good and my stomach is once again in good order.

With over 63 miles on the clock and the temperatures getting up to 34 degrees again I called it a day when I saw The Potato hotel, rubbish internet again! but at least the AC is good and my bikes in the room with me so I can adjust the saddle, which seems good btw

Here is the Strava:

Butterworth_to_Traiping___Strava_Rideand a few pics here including these ones that reminded me of Moores engine rebore, regrind place in Cambridge that was where Aldi is now!