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Day 2 Hook of Holland to Schiphol airport

Three & Stena rip off
A bad start to the day!

Unfortunately for my bank balance, I slept like a log on the boat, last night.

Stena has now discovered a little ruse to cash in whilst you are sleeping. They now have onboard cell service which if your phone is set to roaming it will quickly latch onto. This seems to be outside the EU roaming agreement so Three will charge you £6 per MB not good when the phone likes to back itself up at night 🙁 🙁 even worse 3 then decides to cut off your free data roaming until the next bill cycle.

It was a cold start to the day with lots of ground frost. I did my usual little tour of the Hook before I finally made it to the right path along the dunes straight into an Easterly wind. I eventually found a cafe open to defrost myself with a traditional three-egg starter to the day! No wonder the Dutch are so tall. Then it was through endless woods and forest paths all very pleasant but my mind was wondering if I could get the cycle boxed.

At the airport, once on the free WiFi, I quickly found the Baggage Storage Depot in the basement between Arrivals 1 & 2 who sold me a huge cardboard box for €23. Fitting the bike in was easy, my main concern was it rattling around in it. Time will tell..

Very impressed by the good design of Schiphol Airport, staff very pleasant and even the security guys were very cheerful and jokey even better you just leave your stuff in the bag and it just scans it in full 3D

The ride was only 50 miles all on traffic-free paths

A little bit of escapism

I’m leaving Boris in his proverbial ditch and trying to catch up a little on my cycling which is currently 3,000 miles down on last year. This escapism was bought about by this little post which caught my eye:

Particularly the bit about no winter! So coupled with me getting a place on DC Rainmakers open evening in Amsterdam a plan began to form 🙂

Today was the first stage of that plan, biking to Harwich so I could get my favourite overnight ferry to The Hook allowing me to bike to Schipol Airport tomorrow where apparently I can get a cardboard box and pack my bike up at the airport to go to Bangkok tomorrow night 🙂 and then returning in time for Ray’s do.

The ride was uneventful apart from all the regular cafes being closed and the really cold wind, offset in the day by the sun but quickly cooling down in darkness. Unfortunately I had accidentally booked on tomorrows ferry 🙁 but for £9 it was quickly sorted.

I replaced the unreliable Lumotec dyno light last night and the new SON light seems superb so hopefully, I can venture into the deepest night now plus the new 35mm tyres are fantastic on the muddy rutted Essex lanes.

Now to bed!



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Statistical end to my SE Asia bike trip

Geoff at the Merlion in Singapore
Geoff at the Merlion in Singapore

Now my little Hanoi to Singapore bike ride is finished. Here is a first glimpse of my stats

I biked 2,558 miles (4093km) with  55,000 feet (16,764m) of ascent. Pedalled  it in 218 hours with 40 days on the road.  My total time away from Cambridge (on this trip) was 68 days from 2nd Feb to 7 April.

Geoff's SE Asia Tour
Geoff’s SE Asia Tour

I dropped down 20 degrees of Latitude from Hanoi at 21 degrees North to Singapore at 1 degree North. Biked through 5 countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore.

I spent £1245 on accommodation in the 68 days, Apart from the stupendous hospitality of Daniela & Andre in Singapore the cheapest night was Ratanak in Borkeo for £4.83 most expensive was the White Sand Hotel in Hua Hin at £42.59 per night.

Longest daily distance was 97 miles from Phu Phong to Khong Dao. Highest average speed speed was 14.32mph for the 64.7 miles from Cho Ngoi to Dien Chau. Overall average speed was  11.75mph

No major bike repairs only a new rear bike tyre in Thailand. I think 5 punctures all in the rear tyre.

I will probably add to this as time goes on…