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How quaint…

I came across this on my twitter 5 hours ago 🙂
jamierumbelowGoing to The Junction to see Athlete – one of my favourite bands, so I’m really looking forward to it!

Since I live around the corner from The Junction I thought I would tootle on down there. Shock horror £17 at the door and no OAP discount. However, a couple said their son was ill, did I want his ticket? a tenner changed hands and I was in 🙂

The place was packed to the gunnels, Athlete have a big following! There even was a merchandise stall flogging CD’s and T shirts..

Why quaint? Well i’ve been going to rock concerts on and off since the 60’s so when Joel introduced the “bands latest single” I nearly died, do people still buy singles? I haven’t bought any physical music for yonks!

No mention of any streams, mp3’s, podcasts, youtube etc etc I asked the merchandiser if I could stick one of their tunes in my iPhone – hoho In the future, maybe he said. Didn’t like to tell him we are in the future!

Why don’t the guys set up a WiFi connection so anybody attending the concert could get latest clips etc etc and why oh why is their no playlist or even better a video of the evening 🙂

It just all seems like so yesterday I wonder what Fred thinks when he goes to rock concerts in New York!

Here are some twitters sent from my iPhone during the concert..

Here is the sound level as measured & twittered by widenoise:-

GeoffJonesjust read 119.9db of rock concert noise here: with #WideNoise

Here is the finale as recorded  & twittered by the iPhone:-

GeoffJonesAthlete finale

and here is Joel….

The music was pretty good although I kept thinking it would go to C&W any minute. Pity about the guitars packing up every 5 minutes – you can tell they are succesful because they have Richie whose sole job is swapping over guitars on the stage….

More pics on Flickr