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Going into the red to get out of the red!

Nope, I’m not talking about borrowing money to pay of credit card debts.

I’m talking about The Fitbit 🙂 and balancing the amount of calories you eat against the calories you burn through exercise.

The Fitbit rates your exercise levels into 4 levels, sedentary, lightly, fairly & very active. Very active is shown as red and is typically (for me) above 7 cals/min.

You can also log a daily food diary, when you eat more calories than you have burnt the calorie zone changes from green to red.

Hence to get out of the red eating zone you need to exercise more in the red zone.

Here is an example from today. (I fear the lunch time chips rather clashed with Sally’s delicious vegetable crumble).

As you can see a brisk walk around Les Gets corrected today’s gluttony 🙂

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