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Blog Spam

I have been just looking at some of SallyinNorfolk‘s spam statistics. SpamKarma has achieved the following in the past 6months:-

  • Total Spam Caught: 47857 (average karma: -12846.66)
  • Total Comments Approved: 626 (average karma: 472.75)
  • Total Comments Moderated: 56

She is now the target of scrapers who are ripping her content.In the two days she has had WP-ban in place. The following addresses have been caught:-     Has tried 10 times.   Once Once Once Once

Interestingly I don’t get hit as much , Sally thinks that spammers are targeting subjects such as food and exercise.

Thank goodness for all the good folks writing wordpress plugins.

Reader Comments

  1. I hope that you include this in your talks. It needs to be in your much needed “Guide to Blogging” which should be on your blog!

  2. thanks for this info… a certain left a comment…i thought my blog was featured but lo and behold…it was a blog spam…tsk..

  3. Yep – is relentless – I have a plugin on WordPress that is blacklisting dozens of attempts in the last hour.


  4. I found your site after googling “” The person at this address has visited my site 114 times. Now I find out that he/she is just a spammer/scraper. Great! What’s this plugin you speak of? I think I will just deny this ip to my website altogether.

  5. ok, I’m back already. After some research, here is some more to watch out for:

    according to google searches – is a data mining company to block.

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