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Looking into other mens eyes.

Geoff’s EyeI’ve just returned from my second staffing on a Man Kind Project here in the UK, I did my initial training in June 2004 at the same place I  was at this weekend so it was interesting to be back after  3 years.

I found the weekend exhausting both physically and emotionally but with some truly amazing moments. For me one of the most powerful and moving times is when you get to look in every mans eyes, it is fascinating how so many emotions can be conveyed in such a short space of time.

I  would recommend the trainings to any reasonably stable male. I spoke to a 22 year old this weekend and it was easy to see he would be returning as a person who would be reacting differently to the trials of his life. The diversity of men is truly incredible from bank managers to ex-addicts of every conceivable kind with ages from 22 to 60 (guess who!).

An excellent blog run by another MKP person in the USA can be found here.

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  1. Sounds a very interesting weekend and look forward to hearing more. Not quite the same but walking on the deserted hills gives me plenty of time to reflect.

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