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Twitter TOS

Today its Twitter’s turn to modify their Terms of Service . Much shorter than the iTunes agreement at 1624 words (11242 )although the lawyers once again love their long sentences 73 words (99) with the number of sentences at 1/10th that of iTunes. 

Here is the Textalyser data.

Total word count : 1624
Number of different words : 664
Complexity factor (Lexical Density) : 40.9%
Readability (Gunning-Fog Index) : (6-easy 20-hard) 13.7
Total number of characters : 17746
Number of characters without spaces : 11120
Average Syllables per Word : 1.84
Sentence count : 113
Average sentence length (words) : 25.6
Max sentence length (words) : 73
( we also reserve the right to access read preserve and disclose any information as we reasonably believe is necessary to i satisfy any applicable law regulation legal process or governmental request ii enforce the terms including investigation of potential violations hereof iii detect prevent or otherwise address fraud security or technical issues iv respond to user support requests or v protect the rights property or safety of twitter its users and the public)
Min sentence length (words) : 1
( attn)
Readability (Alternative) beta : (100-easy 20-hard, optimal 60-70) 25.5

and the Wordle