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Just thought I would share with all (8) readers my google reader statistics:-

Google Reader statistics

As you can see I’m averaging about 1500 new posts a working day down to around 600 a day at the weekends. I’ve been reading more consistently here in Les Gets as there seem to be fewer distractions, I can only hack about 5 hours a day riding the slopes 🙁

For those interested how I do it.

I use Google reader in List View, set to display updated items only. I then click on All items and then the first item. Using the J key takes you to the next post, K takes you to previous. Using the cursor keys scrolls down any long posts. Pressing S tags the post with a star, Shift S shares the item. To email the post I press e. (Other shortcuts press the ? key when in reader)

I also use Google Notebook which I have set up with pages for my interests. To add content I just highlight the text of interest and then click Clip on the relevant notebook page- this adds the clip and the posts url. Google notebook is in the cloud so I always have it.

The friends shared items works OK for my friends, so Sally sees me in her shared items but I cannot see hers 🙁

However I get to see Roberts, Davids, Hughs,Loics and Stowes shared items.
So there we go, George et al do their sudoku I do my google reader stuff. Its a good life here in Les Gets with 5litres of red for 10Euro 🙂 and a season ticket for 199 Euro for us golden oldies.

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