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Live audio interviewing on the web….

A newish UK based service is Ipadio which enables you to record messages from your phone (it has a free iPhone app as well) direct to an embeddable file or a downloadable mp3 . It works well although I cocked up the membership by registering on the iPhone and on the iMac 🙂

I received a welcome email from Giles Bryan a director at Nemisys who obviously run Ipadio. Interestingly each item created is called a Phlog which is the name of a cool blogging photo blogging service created by Alan Bradburne that I used to use.

Here is a tiny interview with Sally of sallyinnorfolk fame,

Be interesting to see how it gets on. I wonder if Fred was an early stage investor….

Many thanks to athinkingman for his twitter:-

athinkingman – The ipadio iPhone app rocks! about 5 hours ago from web