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The little eager stream

The little eager stream

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Sally and I passed this little bridge on the way home from seeing cloudgazer.

It immediately reminded me of my Uncle Les’s humanist funeral. Where his eulogy made reference to life being like a stream. Starting out as a tiny spring then playfully growing into a larger stream rushing with great vigour and force and then broadening and meandering before finally going into a estuary and then getting merged with the sea.

All very fitting after meeting  cloudgazer  her bio says “A daydreamer, loves clouds and the sky. Many interests. love people and words, animals and flowers”

A great day…

Reader Comments

  1. What a lovely blog and I am so touched to have been included in it. I/we shall have to find the little stream here.
    I always think you will get out of life what you put into it. If you wander and meander like a stream, picking up new experiences, trying new things and loving your best in the process then you will benefit from the flow and ebb of life.
    If you are like a stagnant pond, still without movement, trying to go nowhere and never reaching out to touch the sides of humanity, by giving and loving, without terms or conditions, then your soul can die like the fish in the stagnant pool or river.
    I have had a life that has tossed and turned me in all sides of the stream and like my efforts to swim, I keep going, always trying to find the best from people and to turn negative experiences into positive ones.
    On here, I have found such enrichment and deep joy.
    Life should be viewed as a simple stream.
    It is the smallest things that brings the most comfort and joy and perhaps when you least expect to find them.
    Just like a chance find of a small stream.
    This day will stay with me.

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