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Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a plugin

Experimenting with the Blackbird Pie Plugin . What should appear is Sally’s latest tweet!

[blackbirdpie id=”15314138607652864″]

Worked very well indeed! Just some confusion initially as there are no setup options: Just click on the Blackbird in the WordPress editor. Clicking on the Blackbird enables you to search for Twitter by Username, URL or tweet ID

Impressive little plugin!

Birthday and social media…

Romeo & Juliet curtain call
Romeo & Juliet curtain call

Many thanks to Sally, Em, Sarah, Caroline, Ray, Liz, Chester, Karen, Roberto, Ellee, Tony & Lorraine for coming to my little birthday party organised by Sally to see Romeo & Juliet tonight at Downing College. It was a great performance and had the big audience totally spell bound. All 13 of us enjoyed Emily’s freshly baked carrot cake in the interval 🙂

For someone interested by social media this is how folks said Happy Birthday to me:-
Twitter: 6
Cards by hand: 5
Cards in post: 3
Facebook: 4
Text message: 2
Skype chat: 2
Telephone call: 1
Skype call: 1
Email: 5 All from mailing lists of companies it has to be said 🙁


Rats force Domino’s closure

Sat update

Domino's Pizza, Hills Road, Cambridge

Cambridge, Hills Road,  Domino’s Pizza place has just been forced to close because of a complaint from Rebecca Jane B? which the council inspectors upheld:-

“An infestation of rats in the premises resulting in a significant risk of contamination to foodstuffs and a risk to public health. In addition, there is an accumulation of dirt and extraneous matter in the kitchen”

Not very good publicity for DPGS Ltd T/as Domino’s Pizza, 27 Hills Road, CB2 1NW

As you can see from the photos the upper two floors of the takeaway are derelict and in urgent need of renovation.

Many thanks to Richard’s excellent CamCityCouncil Twitter feed for alerting me 😉

Sat update: Apparently three rats were found stuck to the glue mats put down by the rat catcher – apparently the rats were in the derelict flats upstairs. They are hoping to reopen on Wednesday!


Gmail and Twitter?

Twitter is just so useful. I noticed that my gmail wasn’t working online at all. In these cases its usual for me to start kicking the computer/firefox/router 🙁
But now with Twitscoop in my sidebar all is revealed:-

and looking at the time line of twitters mentioning ‘gmail’ is quite cool:-

This Twitter just made me laugh:-

Phew panic over 🙂


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