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My relationship with Google..

Decided to look at my Google web history. Here are the sad graphs of my life with Google:-

It says my total number of Google searches is 12,418 with its first entry in March 2006 (14 searches a day on average). Interesting to see the winter peaks and Summer lows. I like the peaks at 6pm and 10pm

Top site searched was Wikipedia, top clicks were on Google maps. Least used Google service is Google News & products.

All fascinating stuff.

Reader Comments

  1. Yes, but it’s interesting to see a peak at 4AM too. Insomnia or just a great idea you had to research? 🙂

  2. I am thinking of setting up a google account with gmail. Is it a good site, safe and not big brother? My husband has reservations about them as he says Governements use google info to spy on people. Your thoughts on this are appreciated here.

  3. @Pierre – I’m hoping that relates to when I was in a different time zone, but then …….

    @onethoughtfulwoman I’m afraid the government spies on every phone call, every byte that hits your computer and much more. So once you get over that, then you may as well use the best facilities around and gmail is awesome, especially for the anti-spam issues. It is easily backed up integrates wonderfully with the iPhone etc etc.

  4. Ok, thanks for that. Feels it puts it into context. I suspected as much, it really does not bother me. I will take another look now.

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