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Lying cameras.

Totally staggering story about the manipulation of photographic evidence in driving offenses taken from The

The spread of photo enforcement depends upon the truism that the camera never lies. A photograph presents a record of exactly what happened, free of the human problems of bias or misrecollection. This month, however, a UK motorist was exonerated after he proved conclusively that a traffic camera photograph issued in the London Borough of Lambeth did lie”

Here is the same image displayed at different zoom levels.

Reader Comments

  1. I don’t get this, why did they auto”magically” photoshop the tail break lights to show they were on as well as the clever zoom, or are these images really originating from the same picture? Could the fact the article reference has a date of “(National Parking Adjudication Service, 4/1/2008)” be a clue to this tale. Someone should tell.


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