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Death of an idea

SuprgluRather sad to see that my page at suprglu is now down (link is to google archive dated 15 Nov 2007), so it looks like another great idea has hit the dust.

Reading this article I suppose its not surprising “So lacking a revenue model and being simply not interested in the venture capital (despite inquiries) because we thought VCs were evil, we decided to work on something else.”

I wonder if they ever met Fred Wilson since they both seem to be in New York and Fred has recently invested in Tumblr a comparable service to Suprglu but, currently, only allowing 5 RSS feeds which is a tad restrictive. You can see my page at Tumblr here

Good luck to Danny & Shawn + Dee Zsombor Zsromodor the creators of Suprglu on their chosen path at Iridesco just remember all VC’s are not evil. 🙂

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  1. Thanks, Geoff! The SuprGlu experience has taught us a lot, and we’re applying that knowledge towards Harvest and other ideas we’re very excited about. More from us at Iridesco in the near future!

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